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Hypersonic Engineering & Design

Hypersonic Engineering & Design is a New York City based engineering and design studio working at the intersection of engineering, architecture, art, and media. CONSULTING SERVICES AND AREAS OF EXPERTISE Machine Design, Automated Systems, and Robotics Aerospace Technologies Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems Lean Manufacturing Consumer Product Design 3D CAD Design (Solid Works, Pro/E) Structural Analysis & Finite Element Analysis Prototyping, Machining, and Small Run Manufacturing New material enables 'information sorting' at the speed of light The researchers are studying the science of ‘nano plasmonic devices’ whose key components are tiny nano scale metal structures, more than 1000 times smaller than the size of a human hair, that guide and direct light. Information is routinely sorted and directed in different directions to allow computing, internet connections or telephone conversations to take place. At present, however, computers process inf