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How the Vacuum is created ?

V acuum is highly seen in space where you won't find any air presence over there, you can find only the dust, asteroids, planets, and micro dust particles which will be moving at a high speed so we need to have a high tightened compressed suit to withstand the conditions that are present in space. Due to the pressure variance which is very low the particles in the space do not affect any of the processes being carried on there. The conditions which are present are below the atmospheric level and it is measured in units of pressure called as Pascal. The vacuum can be created by removing the air present in the atmosphere using vacuum pumps to reduce the pressure using the fast flow of the fluid. This complete process will be working on the principle known as Bernoulli's Principle.

what is happening with the waste in INDIA?

In India the used water or the waste water is not used back into the cities of the human kind except for the drinking water. the waste water is left into the outskirts of the citie, urban regions and villages which is dried in the open space so that the waste water is moved down to the water table which is polluting the drinking water table which  is very pure. In INDIA most of the water table is being polluted by the waste used water and other chemically polluted by the industries and more sectors.  This is the present condition of the waste management in all across india.  PEOPLE IN THE WORLD  YOU ARE BORN IN THIS WORLD IN A CLEAN AND NEAT MANNER  SO IN THE SAME WAY  IN PRESENT AND IN FUTURE YOU HOPE TO  STEP ON A CLEAN ROAD  NEAT ENVIRONMENT You can see the most of the solid waste present in the mumbai and most of the developed cities in india in all the four important cities in india. The waste which is placed on the land which are polluting the land and the sur

Interstellar - A new level of reaching into deep space travel through relativity

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