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Types of Front Hub Assembly

Types of Front Hub Assembly The stub axle construction depends on whether it is a driving or non-driving hub. Non-driving Hub Figure 27.4A illustrates a typical bearing arrangement for a non-driving hub. This consists of a stub-axle, an externally cylindrical sleeve hub, a pair of taper-roller bearings, a grease-seal, a castellated adjustment nut and split-pin, a washer, and a dust-cap (Fig. 27.7). A centrally flanged cylindrical sleeve hub is fitted over small outer and large inner taper-roller bearings, which are supported on the stub axle. The hub is made of malleable iron or steel cast. The bearings are designed to absorb both radial and axial loads when assembled. The slackness between the taper rollers and the inner and outer races are taken up by spinning the hub assembly while at the same time tightening the adjustment nut until all the free lay has been taken up. The bearings are then preloaded by tightening the nut with a torque wrench to some predetermined torque setting. T