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Xbox 360 Successor Rumors Surface: Christmas 2013 Release, Dual GPUs, More

The next generation successor for the X-box 360 is setting up with new sport dual GPU. A 4-6 core CPU built in kinect, which always –on internet [for the combat piracy], and a Blue Ray drive which has a capable of writing/reading the blue ray disks [around 22-30 GB] a numerious unnamed sources have revealed to VG247. The same sources note the complete details come straight from Microsoft corporation which meets as a third party in advance of the console’s release, which is targeted for Christmas 2013. Microsoft has already made a record on saying that there won’t be any talk of the new Xbox hardware at E3 in 2012 or on any other time which make a soon talk on this topic. The lack of reveal doesn’t make any sense that there is no development of the next generation MS but it console’s already well underway.