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China once again to buy J-10 engine from Russia China and Russia is to provide a new batch of aircraft engine negotiations. Moscow, Russia “Salute” machine factory director in charge of foreign economic activity even gold Igor Mule said China’s target is for the procurement of equipment Su -27 and Su -30 of the AL-31F, and to equip the F- 10 of the AL-31FN engine, the total will reach 100. As Chinese enterprises can not produce the necessary power and has a service life of aircraft engines, Beijing has been in constant military aircraft engines from Russia. In 2005, China will spend 238 million U.S. dollars had purchased 100 Russian-made RD-93 engines. In addition, Russia has also signed up about 500 aircraft engines to provide the framework agreement. China has also said that 1000 imports from Russia for more improved engine thrust. January 2009, China has purchased 122 units from the Russian AL-31FN engine, used equipment made in China F -10 fighter. The total value of the transact