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Diesel engine

Diesel engine This type of internal combustion engine was patented in 1892 by the German engineer Rudolph Diesel. It burns fuel oil instead of gasoline and is heavier and more powerful than the gasoline engine. It differs from the gasoline engine in that the ignition of fuel is caused by compression of air in its cylinders instead of by a spark. By varying the amount of fuel injected in the cylinder, the speed and power of the diesel are controlled. Industrial and municipal electric generators, continuously operating pumps such as those used in oil pipelines, and ships, trucks, locomotives, and other such automobiles widely use diesel to power. In an internal combustion engine, the fuel injection system is that which delivers fuel or a fuel-air mixture to the cylinders by means of pressure from a pump. It was originally used in diesel engines because of diesel fuel's greater viscosity and the need to overcome the high pressure of the compressed air in the cylinders. A diesel fuel i