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Front Axle and Steering System

Front Axle and Steering System Front axle carries the weight of the front part of the automobile as well as facilitates steering and absorbs shocks due to road surface variations. The front axles are generally dead axles, but are live axles in small cars of compact designs and also in case of four-wheel drive. The steering system converts the rotary motion of the driver's steering wheel into the angular turning of the front wheels as well as to multiply the driver's effort with leverage or mechanical advantage for turning the wheels. The steering system, in addition to directing the vehicle in a particular direction must be arranged geometrically in such a way so that the wheels undergo true rolling motion without slipping or scuffing. Moreover, the steering must be light and stable with a certain degree of self-adjusting ability. Steering systems may also be power assisted. The chapter discusses the front axle construction and its align­ment, and steering geometry and steering