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Preloading of Bearing

Preloading of Bearing To support both the crown wheel and pinion, adjustable taper roller bearings are normally used in a final drive assembly. If each bearing is adjusted for a small clearance between the rollers and tracks, end-float and misalignment of the gear result. This causes gear noise and premature bearing failure, because of incorrect meshing and uneven loading respectively. Even if the clearance is removed, similar effects are produced due to the elasticity of the bearing material unless this is also taken into account. To overcome these problems, all adjustable bearings employed for final drives are preloaded by forcing them together to the position they occupy when the unit is under full load. Preloading is carried out through the means provided for the adjustment. In the case of pinion bearings the extent of this pre-compression is indicated by the torque required to rotate the pinion in its housing. The recommended preload normally states the conditions under which it i