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Need For Speed Undercover

Need for Speed: Undercover  is the 12th installment of the popular racing video game series  Need for Speed , developed by EA Black Box and published by Electronic Arts (EA). It was released on PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation Portable, Nintendo DS, and mobile phone platforms in November 2008. The game was later released on the i OS on April 27, 2009. According to EA, the game has sold over 5.2 million copies on all 8 platforms combined.  Need for Speed: Undercover  is also the very last  Need for Speed  game to be released for a sixth-generation gaming console (in this case, the PlayStation 2).  Undercover  is the last of the Second era of  Need for Speed  games. Click Here For Downloading . . . . . .                                         

Need For Speed 6 Hot Pursuit 2

All types of modes can only have a certain class of cars to be used. Faster cars are used near the end of the "Championship" and "Ultimate Racer" modes.  Delivery  is a timed point-to-point dash, with the police in pursuit. This is similar to the delivery mission in  Porsche Unleashed  while the police pursuit makes it more challenging.  Sprint  is a point to point race where competitors try to get from one end to the other before their opponent.  Time Trial  gives players three laps on a level with the goal being to beat the required time to get the gold/silver/bronze medal.  Lap Knockout  eliminates the last racer in each lap until one player remains the victor.  Knockout  follows a similar principle, but eliminations are made to the last racer at the end of each race. Several other modes, such as  Tournament ,  Single Race , and Championship/Ultimate Racer  are also available.

Need For Speed CARBON

The gameplay is based upon rival  street racing  crews. Players run a crew and can hire specific street racers to be in their crew and the active friendly racer is known as a wingman. Each hirable street racer has two skills, one which is a racing skill (scout, blocker, and drafter) and a non-race skill (fixer, mechanic, and fabricator). Each skill has different properties from finding hidden alleys/back streets (shortcuts) to reducing police attention. Cars driven by the wingmen are also different; blockers drive muscles, drafters drive exotics and scouts drive tuners (although the first two unlockable wingmen (Neville and Sal) drive cars according to the player's chosen car class at the start of the game). In career mode, players have to race tracks and win to conquer territories and face off against bosses to conquer districts. Unlike  Need for Speed: Most Wanted  and  Underground ,  Carbon  had no drag racing. However,  Carbon  features the return of drift racing, a mode that

Need For Speed Most Wanted

Most Wanted , like other  Need for Speed  games, is essentially a driving and racing game, where the player selects one car and races against a time limit or other racers to reach a destination. Police chases have once again been integrated into certain racing sessions, in which the police employ vehicles and tactics to stop the player's car and arrest the player, like Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2, and Need for Speed: Carbon. As players take control of faster cars and increasingly rely on nitrous oxide speed boosts, the oxide meter now refills automatically for the first time since its introduction in  Underground , and driving sequences become fast-paced and intense similar to the  Burnout  series. Three distinct regions are offered in the city of Rockport, along with cycling weather. Racing events take place between sunrise and sunset, unlike in the Underground where the events took place at night. A  Grand Theft Auto -like Free Roam mode is provide

Need For Speed Underground 2

Description : In addition to the racing modes included in the previous  Underground  game (Circuit, Sprint, Drag and Drift races), 4 new variations of races have been provided in  Underground 2 . One racing mode was dropped, this being the Knockout competitions. Still, a Lap Knockout option is available when racing Circuit in non-career races. A  circuit race  is a standard race that involves up to four cars driving around a track that loops back to the start line of itself. A circuit race is typically a maximum of four laps and minimum of 2 laps.  A sprint race  is just like a circuit race except that the track does not loop back to the start line. It's a race from A to B involving a maximum of four vehicles, and because of the track design there is only one lap.  Street X  races are similar to Circuit races, but they take place on closed courses similar to Drift races. Drifting  is one of the easier types of racing (depending on difficulty level) in Need for Speed Underground