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Tubro’s and Superchargers, working Principle

Some basic information regarding Tubro’s, Roots blowers, and Centrifugal blowers. Superchargers : The most significant advantage to a supercharger is the simplicity of install. You don't need to plumb them into the exhaust. This also improves the reliability of the compressor, since it doesn't have to operate in the extremely hot exhaust stream. It also results in cooler intake charges since the compressor isn't soaking up heat from the exhaust-side *hot* impeller. Because superchargers are driven from the crank, the boost they produce is proportional to engine RPM . But superchargers come in two basic varieties, centrifugal and roots. The boost curves are different for these two types. Roots compressors: Are constant displacement pumps. They move the same volume of air for each rotation of the compressor assembly and airflow through the compressor varies linearly with RPM . The engine is also a constant displacement pump, it consumes the same volume of air for each rotat