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Twenty top predictions for life 100 years from now Source:

Last week we asked readers for their predictions of life in 100 years time. Inspired by ten 100-year predictions made by American civil engineer John Elfreth Watkins in 1900, many of you wrote in with your vision of the world in 2112. Many of the "strange, almost impossible" predictions made by Watkins came true. Here is what futurologists Ian Pearson (IP) and Patrick Tucker (PT) think of your ideas. 1. Oceans will be extensively farmed and not just for fish (Jim 300) IP: Likelihood 10/10. We will need to feed 10 billion people and nature can't keep up with demand, so we will need much more ocean farming for fish. But algae farming is also on the way for renewable energy, and maybe even for growth of feedstock (raw materials) or resource extraction via GM seaweed or algae. PT: Good chance. According to Dennis Bushnell, chief scientist at the Nasa Langley Research Center, saltwater algae that's been genetically modified to absorb more nitrogen from the air than conven

Transparent Airbus in 2050

                                        Airbus recently unveiled its vision for air travel in 40 years’ time, and should their predictions ring true, those with vertigo can forget about flying by 2050. Planes in 2050 will feature see-through plane cabins, holographic pop-up gaming displays and seats that change in size and shape to fit each passenger, according to the company. The concept design was unveiled in London this week and takes similar flight forecasts, made this time last year, several steps further.  Airbus' 2010 predictions about commercial flight Transparent cabin walls As suggested in CNNGo’s own   in-flight wish list   published earlier this month, the plane of the future is fitted with transparent cabin walls that provide passengers with some of the most amazing views of the earth we’ll ever see. Passengers with vertigo who want to shut out the panoramic views can opt to turn their seats into holographic pods, rendering their sitting area opaque. That’s great, b