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Tracta Constant Velocity Joint

The tracta constant velocity joints was invented by Fennille in France and was later manufactured by Bendix Limited in England . In some respect these joints are similar in action to a double Hooke's type constant velocity joint. This type of joint incorporates two outer yoke  jaws members and two intermediate semi spherical members (Fig. 26.15A). Each yoke jaw engages a circular groove formed on the intermediate members. Both intermediate members are coupled together in turn by a swivel tongue and grooved joint Fig. 26.15. Bendix tracta joint. A. Pictorial view. B. Exploded view. C. Front wheel drive hub swivel pins and axle incorporating a tracta joint. D. Plan view. Relative motion between the outer jaw yokes and the intermediate spherical members is provided by the yoke jaw, which is fitted into circular grooves formed in each intermediate member. Relative movement between adjacent intermediate members takes place due to a double tongue formed on one member slotting into a se