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Clutchless multi-speed gearbox

Look, no clutch Multi-speed transmission changes gear without interrupting torque Who Transmission specialist Zeroshift has devised a multi-speed gearbox for electric vehicles (EVs) that needs no clutch: a damper inside the gear hubs and electronic control of the motor make ratio changes seamless. Having more than one gear ratio and the ability to shift without interrupting torque means the motor runs at higher efficiency, extending range and batteries’ life expectancy by up to 10%. Technology Development of the concept is under way using Zeroshift’s proprietary gear-shifting system. The innovation could enable manufacturers to downsize EVs’ electric motors, keeping them running longer at the medium loads and speeds where peak efficiency of more than 95% is possible. For drivers, that could mean more performance, greater range and longer lasting batteries. Zeroshift’s concept prevents any torque interruptions during ratio changes and does not require a clutch, issues that have so far d