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My current research and development are on Energy Sustainability, Alternative Energy Resources, Energy Efficiency, and different methodologies for carbon footprint reduction.
M.B.A in Power Management in National Power Training Institute [NPTI], Faridabad-Delhi and Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from JNTU, Kakinada, ICMAI (Inter).
Few certification programs
1. Post Graduation in Thermal Power Plant in National Power Training Institute, Faridabad
2. AutoCad Certification in Indo-German Institute of Advanced Technology, Vishakapatnam
3. Green Revolution Global Certification Program in International Center for Cultural and Education [UNFCCC] in 2016
4. Techno - Entrepreneurship Program in Stanford University through Nova.edu online Program
My key core technical knowledge on
Thermal power plant operations and maintenance, Turbine, Boilers and other Power Plant Accessories, Robotics, Designing software like AutoCAD, CATIA V5, and Siemens Solid Edge 2D.
My Key Power Management skills are as follows:
1. Research & Development
2. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Development.
3. Project Design and Document for CDM Projects
4. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA),
5. Levelized Generation Tariff for solar and wind
6. Energy Audit for Thermal Power Plant
7. Operation/Maintenance [O&M]
8. DCS Control
9. Sustainability Projects
10. Alternative energy, DPR Process
11. Power Trading, Open Access, REC, RRF, and RPO mechanism
12. PAT, Cost control and Budgeting
Industrial experience in graduation, no. of industrial training experience in the power sector in Steel, cement, sugar, Textile, and its co-generation plants.
Research Journals
"Improving the Efficiency of Turbo-Generator" and "Analysis of High-Pressure Steam Turbine Impulse Blades" helped me to learn more things about Thermal power plant (TPP)
My key technical skills
Strength in a thermal power plant is knowledge of Turbines, Boilers, and other Power Plant Auxiliaries.
My Interests
Aerospace and Jet propulsion systems, Robotics, Power Generation with Gas and Steam Turbine O&M and generation based technologies with Renewable energy, Infinity Energy
Designing is the most liking subject for me to learn and to implement have made different conceptual designs that are used for the development of software like Autocad and Catia V5.
you can contact me through my e-mail: krishna.leeven@gmail.com

You are free to ask any kind of questions to us regarding the topics of the website and we can get the solution for your questions in 2-3 working days and we are capable enough for the sharing the views for the different research solutions that you need for the development of the project that you are in.

(I request all the other bloggers not to copy the content, as I am providing the data for free and all of this is the research that I am doing for the last 5 years). Hope you will be sharing your opinions on the topics to protect the earth from harmful gases and be responsible.


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