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JAPANESE new iron man suit for $1.3 million

With a bare-bones sticker price of $1.3 million, Suidobashi Heavy Industry will build you a high-tech, robotic suit that might even make Tony Stark a little nervous. Suidobashi’s Kuratas robot stands 13-feet tall and weighs about 6 tons. It comes standard with a leather seat and a “next-generation” V-Sido robot operating system, which allows the pilot to move the this gigantic bot’s arms and drive it around at a speed of six miles per hour. Weapon systems such a pair of BB-firing mini guns cost extra (Click below to see the super suhweet video). The diesel-powered Kuratas can also be controlled remotely through a 3G network. Read more:  

Sound Byte Radio Episode 2: Hitman: Blood Money, FF XIII, Mass Effect

Greetings and salutations, fellow music listeners. Welcome to the second episode of Sound Byte Radio, your biweekly dose of video game music all in one listenable pseudo-mixtape podcast. This week's offering will take you to modern times where electronica and orchestra combines into one smooth melding, as well as a piano rendition of a Final Fantasy theme. Today's show will also show off a sample of a concept album, which is a compilation of songs which never made the final cut of a game, as good as they are. In this case, the game in question is the Mass Effect trilogy. If you like what you hear, leave a comment below or PM me with your two cents. Hope you enjoyed this week's offering. Music From Today's Show: Hitman: Blood Money Original Sound Track Song: Vegas Composer: Jesper Kyd Buy at  Sumthing Digital . Yakuza 3 OST Song: End Point Composer: Hidenori Shoji Buy from  Play-Asia . Final Fantasy XIII Piano Collection Song: Fang's Theme Performer: Aki Kuroda Compo

Notch Reveals New Space Game

Minecraft creator Markus 'Notch' Persson has revealed his new game. Called 0x10 c , the space title is still early in the development process, but includes an intriguing set of features.  Here's how the game is explained on the  official site : "Each ship has a generator capable of producing a fixed wattage, and everything you connect to it drains wattage. A cloaking field, for example, might require almost all the power from the generator, forcing you to turn off all computers and dim all lights in order to successfully cloak."    Other features include 'lots of engineering,' a 'fully working computer system,' space combat between computer-controlled and human opponents, lots of looting, mining and trading and connected single-player and multiplayer experiences.  It will also apparently feature duct tape, so there's that. Expect more soon, and in the meantime you can try to find a catchy way to pronounce the title.

Five things you (possibly) didn’t know about Mario

Nintendo’s iconic mascot Mario has sold over 240 million video games, been heralded as gaming’s most recognizable face, holds seven world records -- and he’s passing another huge milestone this week. According to Nintendo themselves -- and they ought to know -- the game that put Mario on the map turns 25 this week. Released on September 13, 1985, NES great Super Mario Bros. would quickly become the top-selling video game of all time, a title it would hold right up until last year when it was passed by Wii Sports. Since then, he’s appeared in hundreds of games, enjoyed careers as a doctor, an archaeologist, a racing driver, and a golfer, and helped establish the Nintendo name as almost synonymous with video games themselves. So what’s next for this gaming superstar? Retro-styled 2009 blockbuster New Super Mario Bros. Wii continues to sell well, landing at 6th place on the U.S. charts last month. Given Nintendo just trademarked a new Mario logo in Japan bearing the legend “Super Mar

Oops!... I'm using Windows7 SP2!

Some people always ask: why does my Windows 7 update to sp2? I thought it must be a joke when I saw this question at the first time, but more and more people find the words  —  Service Pack 2 in the System Properties. So did Microsoft have released the SP2 for Windows 7 in secret? As we known, Microsoft hasn’t released the final version of Service Pack 1 for Windows 7, how the SP2 appeared frequently? Actually the version of SP which displays in System Properties is controlled by a key from system registry. The real Service Pack, some computer games’ patch or even some malware will change this key when they are installing. It’s just a key was changed but will result some software can’t be installed. So if your Windows 7 was updated to SP2 unaccountably, you’d better to change it back by yourself because you can do it easily! It’s so easy with just 2 steps 1.         Click “start” and input “regedit”, and find this address: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Windows

Review of Best Blu-ray to DVD Converter Software in Top 10 in 2011

We are very proud to announce today that one of our featured products – Leawo Blu-ray Ripper, was selected to be the best blu-ray to DVD converter software by a third-party software evaluation and recommendation website There are 10 programs in total in this competition and Leawo Blu-ray Ripper outranks all of others due to its excellent functionalities and modifiable features regarding video customization. Besides, do not forget its pricing, totally affordable and worthy. This program is definitely the best choice for those who do not have blu-ray drive and the best replacement as well for those who have it but do not want to damage it, to enjoy the high-quality blu-ray video conveniently on other media devices. Click here to view the side-by-side comparison originally from or directly check the vivid flash chart below which perfectly visualizes the compare result. If you are eager to know more information about this award-winning progra

Review of the best Blu-ray software in 2010 with Top Ten REVIEWS

Blu-ray as a disc format which will supersede the HD DVD soon or later absolutely, is the last  optical format to emerge in media . It boasts five times the storage capacity of conventional DVD, but the price is also much more experience and the suitable devices include Blu-ray player and HD TV are both not easy. But I want to watch HD video on my poor TV with my old-fashion DVD Player, what I should do? Do you know Blu-ray to DVD converter software ? It’s a kind of software which ensure you to create standard DVDs from BDs so can watch them on regular DVD players, or convert to the HD video with various formats so that play with your computer. Moreover, the software is an ideal backup solution; you can make inexpensive DVD copies to safeguard your investment of pricey Blu-ray discs. Recently, the famous website  TopTenREVIEWS  had searched for the best Blu-ray to DVD software in 2010. They searched and assessed all of this type of softwares with 4 parts: Features, quality of conver

Review: Spice Mi-350n

An affordable Android, but fails to impress. Dual-SIM functionality; Well-priced. Ruins the Android experience; Lacklustre display; Dismal multimedia performance; Camera not up to the mark. MRP:  Rs 9,000 Street Price (As On 9-Jan-2011):  Rs 7600 ( ; ; ) Spice's latest mass-market smartphone runs  Android 2.3  ( Gingerbread ) out of the box. On paper, it almost matches many mid-range droids. On top of that, its dual-SIM (GSM) functionality adds more value to this device. Design And Build Quality The retail package comes with the phone, charger, USB cable, and earphones. The device measures 4.6" (l) x 2.4" (w) x 0.6" (d) and weighs 136 grammes. It has mediocre looks, which is acceptable at this price point. The Mi 350's front and battery cover is made of metal, but it doesn't feel premium at all. Finally, although the device isn't a looker, the build quality is good. The phone's 3.5" screen has pixel dimensi

Human-Like Robots to Mimic Human Facial Expressions

British scientists at the University of Bristol developed a  copycat robotic head , dubbed Jules. The head is able to  mimic the facial expressions  and lip motions of a human. The  robotic   Jules  represents an  animatronic head  developed by David Hanson, American specialist in robotics, who works on the creation of uniquely expressive, incorporeal heads made of flexible rubber skin which moves with the help of 34 servo motors. The motions of a human face are monitored by a  video camera and mapped onto small electronic motors in the skin of the robotic head. The group of scientists at Bristol developed their own software that will help pass the expressions, which the video camera recorded, into commands, thus making servos  generate facial motions  that are similar to the real ones. But due to the fact that the robot’s motors cannot be compared to the real human facial muscles, a little artistic license was needed. The scientists hired an actor, who performed on camera different