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Biofuel Made from Whisky By-Products

Researchers from the  Edinburgh Napier University in Scotland  managed to create a biofuel  for vehicles using the by-products of the distillation process of  whisky . According to the researchers the biofuel could be used to  power conventional vehicles without any particular adaptations. It is worth mentioning that the biofuel was created during a research project that lasted 2 years. The two by-products,  “pot ale” , which is a liquid found in the copper stills, and  “draff” (the spent grains) are used as the basis for creating  butanol . The latter can be used as fuel, reports  Physorg . The lead researcher  Martin Tangney  says:  “The new biofuel is made from biological material which has been already generated” . He also mentioned that the biofuel will most like be used in combination with 10 percent petrol or diesel.  “Five or 10 percent means less oil which would make a big, big difference,”  said Tangney. The new biofuel has already been appreciated by a number of sp


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