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Wheel Alignment Checking and Adjustment

Wheel Alignment Checking and Adjustment The alignment for suspension and steering linkage is usually checked and adjusted if, GO abnormal tyre were exists, (ii) the automobile handling is felt improper, (Hi) the suspension has been repaired, or (iv) a normal preventive maintenance check becomes necessary. In the past the wheel alignment was measured using a trammel gauge, but nowadays either an optical or an electronic gauge is used. Before tracking the wheels, the following preliminaries should be undertaken. (a) The tyre pressures are checked. (b) The correct load on the vehicle is ensured. (c) The wheels are positioned in the straight ahead position. (d) The vehicle is moved forward to settle the steering. (e) The run-out (buckle) of the wheel in checked and the maximum run-out is positioned so that it does not affect the alignment measurement. Prior to aligning the front suspension and steering systems, the factors to be ascertained that the suspension pivots and ball joints are i