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The Evolution of ‘e’- MBA goes Online

While crooning to a popular Queens’s song, you realize how impossible it is to be true – We DO need education; and not just high school but all the way to masters. An MBA is becoming mandate for anyone who wants to survive in this corporate world. As children we grow up to despise studies, as we grow older we realize how mandatory it is to survive. This evolution in your thought process through years and ages; applies to everyone in this world. From making excuses to not go to school to finding extremely innovative reasons to bunk etc.; the rebel in us thrived then. As soon as we reach the stage where we start looking beyond our picket fences, we realize that whatever we saw and learnt in school was just the first page of our life story; and now you have an entire book to publish. The perception that we had before we grew up was generally in lines with a ‘mandatory’ high school diploma to an ‘option’ of a master’s degree but that has changed. With the growing global demand,