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Separate Rear-wheel Parking-brake Mechanism

Separate Rear-wheel Parking-brake Mechanism In this parking-brake shoe-expander, the hydraulic foot-brake cylinder body is bolted to the back-plate. A piston at each end actuates the shoes. A link-strut bridges the two shoes, one end connecting against one shoe web and the other end acting as the pivot point for the parking-brake lever attached to the other shoe. Two alternative lever layouts are presented in Fig. 28.44. It is perpendicular to the shoe in Fig. 28.44A and is parallel to the shoe in Fig. 28.44B. The cable is joined to the free end of the lever. The cable pull, due to application of the hand-brake, pivots the lever. The strut, pushed by the lever one way, actuates the leading shoe and levers the trailing shoe in the opposite direction. The expanding force is shared equally between them as the link-strut floats between the two shoes. Fig. 28.44. Separate rear-wheel hand-brake lever. Fig. 28.45. Pressure-regulating valve. 28.8.6. Pressure Regulating Valve This valve (Fig. 2