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WHO HOLDS WHOM A STORY Drinking is a bad habit and quitting it is very difficult task. An alcoholic decided to meet the well-known gandhian, vinoba bhave for advice. He visited Vinobaji’s ashram and touched his feet. He asked the saint to teach him a sure way of getting rid of the evil habit. Vionbaji didn’t know what to say. It was the first time when someone was approaching him for this purpose. He was pleased but did not give an instant solution. He gave it a thought and said: ‘okay, come again tomorrow. Call me from outside and do not enter without my permission.’ The alcoholic returned the next day. He called Vionbaji from outside. Vionbaji said, ‘I can’t leave the room; this pillar is holding me back.’ The alcoholic peeped inside. He found that it was Vionbaji himself who was holding the pillar and not vice versa. He said: ‘the pillar is not holding you; you yourself are holding it.’ Vionbaji replied: ‘it is the same in your case. It is you who is holding alcohol a