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Artificial nerve cells transplantation to the incomplete growth of the optical nerve cells

INCOMPLETE GROWTH OF CELL >> SYNTHETIC CELL DEVELOPMENT FOR DIFFERENT ORGANS FOR THE COMPLETE GROWTH There are some of the people who are not able to eye their eyes and it is becoming a problem to the doctors to do the operation for the incomplete growth of the nerve cells and replacement of the eye which is called as the transplantation of the eyes. Artificial nerve cells development and installations can be one of the new methodology of introducing the synthetic cells into the brain or placing the cells into the location of the optical nerves will help the person to have a clear vision.  We need to develop of new methodology that can help in continue the growth of the incomplete organism with the help of the synthetic material that can support the life. we have a initially identify the particular tissues or the type of cells which we need to implant in that specific location where the growth can be continuous. "Cell is the basic building blocks for al