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Urban Pollution

Urban Pollution There are different types of pollutions (Air, Water, Land, Chemicals, Organic, Human causes Industrial and Civil emissions), natural causes (i.e., natural fumes, decompositions, volcanic ash) that are taking place in our surroundings. Urban pollution is one of the major of its kind. It is a mixture of different types of pollutions in urban regions/areas in major metropolitan cities/towns as mentioned above. Urban Pollution is one of the major issues that the government is trying to control and minimize the impact that is affecting the environment, health, increase in bacteria, viruses, etc. in the surrounding which is damaging the country(s).  Definition of Urban Pollution:  The term "Urban Pollution is a combination of all forms of pollution that occur in urban areas or cities. Pollution of highly polluted areas mainly deriving from motor vehicles, industrial plants combustion and heating plants etc. that are taking place in cities and towns. Image Credit: www.cja

Public Transport Usage

Using the public transport can help in reducing the carbon foot prints because using the common platform will consume less amount of fuel or electricity that you will travel through bus or metro trains. These are most economical transport when compare to the individual transport that you use for daily travel to go to office, shopping, school or college. In the present modern technology we are using the hydro-carbon fuel transport and the development is going further to reduce the emission and make the transport more sustainable. The scientists are developing the unique way of electric propulsion development transport which are fast enough to reach to longer distance in a very less time period.  Some of the best options that we can choose to travel with less carbon footprints are as follows: Public transport a. Buses b. Metro trains c. Local trains Electric vehicles Air travel in Economy class Travelling in Economy class is economical and reduce in pollution reduction because, in th