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Exploring the Universe

  The word "explore" is heard from our childhood in different conditions and situations. the space exploration is a quite different but same as the other and it involves huge risk, talent and technology need to reach to the far light year from our home planet. The vhecile which we use should be self sustainable and can able to reach to the far distance at a less time period.  inorder to make those things possible to need to develop that technology which can be able to fullfil the targets. At present SpaceX, Boing and Blue Origins are having abetter competation to make the travel economical and take the man to MARS safely. SpaceX is sucessful in developing the reusable rocket which is helpful in cost reduction. But the non of them are not able to reach to the targets of ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) developed PSLV and GSLV mark 2 space vehicle which costs only $75 million which is the world record that non of the space organisation came nearby to develop such kind

Space Exploration within our solar system

Exploration to mars by carrying techchnology and innovation From early man to present modern man the exploration and development is a constant process. From early man to present modern man the exploration and development is a constant process. As man stepped his foot on MOON. Now, he is trying way different plans to explore the red planet to explore the human race around the solar system and to the end of the universe. NASA, SpaceX, ISRO and other space agencies are in race to reach to the middle and Exo-planets in the solar system and around the universe. Red planet is a sister planet to earth as both are having similar conditions of atmosphere. Now scientists are trying their best to converted to the red planet into green by creating the atmosphere with the help of the greenhouse gases to melt the dry ice which is hidden under the mars soil. By 2025 to 2030, different plans are made by different space agencies to reach to MARS to achieve their individual targets. SpaceX is planni

MARS makes a future space exploration

According to Robert Zubrin who was a NASA scientist working for a past 10 years on going to mars.who wrote more number of books on mars saying about the survival, conditions, and more books like the "MARS a road trip" There is a chance of settling over MARS and its also one of the best place to spread the life of human kind just like EARTH. It is having all kinds of resources like water, hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and other more gases that are required to the survival to the human kind and other living organisms or the species. After earth i feel that mars is the safe zone for the better civilization in our solar system. With the help of R.Zubrin views and the equipment which was designed for the production of the rocket fuel to the space vehicles from the atmosphere of Martin for the re-journey to the earth and with the success journey towards mars more other countries joins this mission to develop the atmospheric conditions of mars. With this another best