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LIFE IS A BIG EXAM God is a great examiner We all are students in his class Our life is an answer book To write down our answer The world is the examination hall We assemble here to sit The time allowed is three hours The first hour of exam… Is spent in the childhood The second hour of exam… Is spent in enjoying the youth. And the final hour of exam, my dear Is the old age. The final call given by god, Signifies the end of the examination. Our answer books are snatched away And life comes to an end!!! So, do something better in the exam….

mechanical poem

A small poem on mechanicals........... We are we are we are the mechanicals, We cruiez the seas,                                                                                       We cut the euirs, We are we are we are the mechanicals,                                                                We power you, Put you to the space,                       We are we are ... From ages to ages we put the world out of the cagessmall to our ranges,  We make the wleels which gives the meals, We forge the problems to fine sharp solutions, We are we are ... We winged the world, We rigd the power, We are we are ... We mould the world into our cast, We dressed the world wih our knowledge.                                                -By Hari & Krishna We are we are we are "THE MECHANICALS" "BE PROUD TO BE A MECHANICAL ENGINEERS"