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Blind student who won the gold medal at IIT

A Big Congratulation to Pratish Datta - A Blind student, but IIT topper, Kharagpur.   “I could not even write a simple mathematical formula. All I did was remember it." - Pratish Datta, the 23 year old blind student who won the gold medal at IIT Kharagpur college, for the best academic performance in Mathematics degree. Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur’s student Pratish Dutta 23 has proved  that eyes are not required to see, one can see through his mind, he received the Professor Jagadish Chandra Bose Memorial Gold Medal from President Pranab Mukherjee. Pratish was awarded for the best academic performance among outgoing students of the M.Sc courses in the science disciplines at the IIT. He is from the department of mathematics. Pratish was six months old when doctors told his parents that he had ‘retinoschesis’ , in which the layers inside the retina gradually get separated from each other, eventually leading to total blindness. By Class VIII, he had to use high-powe

Sao Paulo: A city with 180km traffic jams

Next time you complain about being stuck in traffic, spare a thought for the drivers in Brazil's biggest city, which has some of the worst congestion problems in the world. Friday evenings are a commuter's worst nightmare in Sao Paulo. That's when all the tailbacks in and out of the city extend for a total of 180km (112 miles), on average, according to local traffic engineers, and as long as 295km (183 miles) on a really bad day. Red brake lights stretch as far back as the eye can see, blinking repeatedly as drivers endure an exasperating stop-and-go journey, which can continue for hours. "It's like a sea. A sea of cars," says Fabiana Crespo, as she slowly navigates the congested streets with her 10-month-old baby Rodrigo. Continue reading the main story “ Start Quote We have become slaves of traffic” Fabiana Crespo "For a long time I lived with my family in the south of Sao Paulo and worked on the other side of town. "So