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Rich Mindset

                                                                                        Lives in the present Learn from mistakes Helps others succeed Doesn’t Complain Constantly Learning Quits bed habit Take Action

Investment Planning

Money has become one of the important necessity in our every day life. Investment and Its planning are widely used these days. The terms saving, inflation and Investment are important and have relation with each other.  We are need financial planning required to start in your 20s immediately you find your first job. Some of the key things to be considered for the life time investment planning in your career that will be helping you and your family are as follows: Medical Insurance Personal Accident Insurance Home Insurance Critical Illness plan Children Future Planning Retirement Planning Senior Citizens Saving Scheme Asset Allocation Investing in Bank Deposits Flexi Deposits Investing in PPF (Public Provident Fund) Investing in NSC (National Saving Certificate) Post Office Monthly Income Scheme Investing in Mutual Funds National Pension Scheme Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) Investing in Annuity Investing in Shares Investing in Public Issued IPOs Investing in Gold and Silver Investin

Self-Sustainability living for all

What is Self Sustainability? Self-sustainability refers to the ability of a system, organization, or individual to maintain and support itself without relying extensively on external resources or assistance. It involves the capacity to generate, utilize, and recycle resources in a manner that sustains ongoing functions and needs. How it can be implemented in our daily life? Implementing self-sustainability in daily life involves practices that reduce reliance on external resources and promote a more self-sufficient lifestyle. This can include: Grow Your Own Food: Cultivate a small garden for fresh produce. Reduce Energy Consumption: Use energy-efficient appliances, switch to renewable energy sources, and conserve energy at home. Water Conservation: Collect rainwater, fix leaks, and use water-saving devices. Waste Reduction: Practice recycling, composting, and minimizing single-use items. Learn Basic Skills: Acquire skills like cooking, sewing, or basic home repairs to reduce dependence