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Waste Water Management - Part - 01

  In India, wastewater or the drainage water is kept in open space and no further maintenance of the wastewater is done to the viral diseases are spreading very fast in the surroundings which are affecting the country's development.  People need to have aware of the re-usage of the wastewater and its maintenance. A special mechanism is it be prepared for controlling the damage of the surroundings, environment, Aquatic life in the rivers and seas, and land pollution. As the population is increasing the use of water increased and no proper maintenance of the water is not done in the right manner. Vast countries like India should have a piece of better knowledge and implementation techniques to control and maintenance of wastewater.  Wastewater Management Introduction to waste-water Introduction The raw water or treated water is analyzed by testing their physical and chemical and biological characteristics. Treatment of water is done stage by stage. Physical Characteristics Turbidity