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New Year Celebration 2019 Wall Papers

Wishing you all a happy and prosperous New year with Good Career and Health Family . . . Share the images to your family, friends and to your customers with the best . . . . wishes ever :) Hope you like my images  Please share and provide suggestions if any which will be helpful for the improvements  

Renewable resource from the Municipal Waste

WASTE >> METHANE >> POWER GENERATION >>REDUCE SOIL POLLUTENTS >> BETTER ENVIRONEMENT << All over the world the wate materials from the polymers, vegatable waste and other animal waste increasing the toxic nature in overed and around the surrounding. most of the waste materials take long time to change its form into soil some time years. in the present situation we are facing the problem with the fuel and other pertoleum products to sustain your life with power at the same time we are making the earth into a big gaint oven forming the GLOBAL WARMING. with this the ice capes are melting and the sea levels are rising daya  by day  and gradually the land will be covered with water. with the usage of the waste methane is produced by decomposing with the help of bacteria which helps to produce the cells for the grouth of the plants and other living beings.But the gradually the bacteria will be dead and Algea will starts growing and the waste released fr

Home Heating for the Hardy

Sleeping warm If you are on-board with the sentiment that we should strive to reduce the amount of energy we consume as a means to relieve pressure on a world suffering impending energy scarcity, then you probably want to know how one might proceed. In this post, I will describe the single-biggest energy-saving strategy I have employed in my home in the past five years, which slashed my natural gas consumption by almost a  factor of five . Last week, I described how to read gas meters, in the process discovering  how onerous pilots lights can be . As a result of initial exploration of my energy footprint in the spring of 2007, I shut off the furnace pilot light for the summer, which I figured accounted for  two-thirds  of my warm-season natural gas use. When winter came, my wife and I challenged ourselves to hold off on re-igniting the pilot light until it got too cold for us to bear. That day never came. The result was a dramatic reduction in natural gas use. In this post, I will tal