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Rear Axle [Automobile]

Rear Axle [Automobile] The vehicle with non-independent rear suspension uses either a dead axle or a live axle. The dead axle only supports the weight of the vehicle, but the live axle besides fulfilling this task, contains a gear and shaft mechanism to drive the road wheels. The arrangements for supporting the road-wheels on live axles and providing the driving traction use an axle-hub mounted on to the axle-casing and supported by ball or roller-bearing. The two main components installed inside the axle of a rear-wheel drive vehicle are the final drive and differential. 26.6.1. Axle Casing The casing used now a days is either a banjo or carrier-type. In the past a split (trumpet) casing was occasionally used. These three types are shown in Fig. 26.51. The type of axle casing used decides the method for the removal of the final drive. Banjo Type The tubular axle section of this casing is built up of steel pressings, which is welded together and suitably strengthened to withstand the