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Renewable resource from the Municipal Waste

WASTE >> METHANE >> POWER GENERATION >>REDUCE SOIL POLLUTENTS >> BETTER ENVIRONEMENT << All over the world the wate materials from the polymers, vegatable waste and other animal waste increasing the toxic nature in overed and around the surrounding. most of the waste materials take long time to change its form into soil some time years. in the present situation we are facing the problem with the fuel and other pertoleum products to sustain your life with power at the same time we are making the earth into a big gaint oven forming the GLOBAL WARMING. with this the ice capes are melting and the sea levels are rising daya  by day  and gradually the land will be covered with water. with the usage of the waste methane is produced by decomposing with the help of bacteria which helps to produce the cells for the grouth of the plants and other living beings.But the gradually the bacteria will be dead and Algea will starts growing and the waste released fr

Freelance consultancy serivces

Freelance Consultancy Serivces Available for Thermal power plant operations and maintance, High pressure boilers, Steam turbines, Rotating Equipement of all types, Field Engineering services, Co-generation, Troubleshooting, Energy efficiency, Spare parts management, R & M, from a well experienced power plant professional. Intrested parties may contact through follwing e-mail ID :