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Waste Water Management - Part - 01

  In India, wastewater or the drainage water is kept in open space and no further maintenance of the wastewater is done to the viral diseases are spreading very fast in the surroundings which are affecting the country's development.  People need to have aware of the re-usage of the wastewater and its maintenance. A special mechanism is it be prepared for controlling the damage of the surroundings, environment, Aquatic life in the rivers and seas, and land pollution. As the population is increasing the use of water increased and no proper maintenance of the water is not done in the right manner. Vast countries like India should have a piece of better knowledge and implementation techniques to control and maintenance of wastewater.  Wastewater Management Introduction to waste-water Introduction The raw water or treated water is analyzed by testing their physical and chemical and biological characteristics. Treatment of water is done stage by stage. Physical Characteristics Turbidity

Visakhapatnam the past green city

Visakhapatnam is one of the beautiful city in the coastal india, it is having a name called as the GREEN CITY OF INDIA which is having the different features that are related to the environmental views and different natural features that is protecting the coastal vizag from different types of cyclones from the past few years. From the year 2007 to 2014 the pollution was gradually increased and the coastal land drowning is very faster. on 1st january 2015 the land erosion to the costal part was affected and damaged the roads and every year of the damage level was increasing. Scientists and Professors of Andhra University are saying that the total damage to the coastal region is very high as they are warning to the industrial people and to the government about the present condition from the year 2005. They said that due to the present condition of the visakhapatnam the total ecological imbalance is taking place and they are expecting the frequent cyclones in the coastal regions, if heavy