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science goes as bad... Whether or not this is actually scientifically possible doesn’t matter. The main idea behind any science fiction just has to be believable within the parameters of the world in which it is set. Indeed, the director of the new  Planet of the Apes  movie, Rupert Wyatt, has said he found the explanation of the original 1960s films – that the apes evolved naturally after being domesticated by humans – unsatisfying. Some people might find it odd to talk about science fiction needing plausible explanations. The clue is there in the name – science  fiction . And there are probably plenty of people who dislike the entire genre because it inevitably includes unrealistic elements. But really it’s an issue that extends to all fiction. As George Bernard Shaw supposedly put it, you are allowed one big lie and everything else must be logical. Perhaps you can even get away with a few lies, but ask too much of the audience and it all becomes too distracting to accept even the b