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4 planets in straight line

'Total Earth blackout' due to alignment of Universe- NASA moves to shed light on rumours!! Rumours are rife that the Sun itself will be totally blacked out by an 'alignment' of the Universe causing those who are easily led astray to hyperventilate about doomsday - using NASA's own data! The truth is far from that. Here is a mythbuster straight from NASA's Francis Reddy. Thick dust clouds block our night-time view of the Milky Way, creating what is sometimes called the Dark Rift. The fact that -- from the viewpoint of Earth -- the sun aligns with these clouds, or the galactic center, near the winter solstice is no cause for concern. Credit: A. Fujii One of the most bizarre theories about 2012 has built up with very little attention to facts. This idea holds that a cosmic alignment of the sun, Earth, the center of our galaxy -- or perhaps the galaxy's thick dust clouds -- on the winter solstice could for some unknown reason lead to destruction. Such alig