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Car Paints

*Car Paints* Do - Always use wet cloth for wiping the car, after rinsing the paint surface with water first Don't - Never wipe dust off your car with a dry cloth or duster Do - Wax your car after it's been washed, to avoid sealing in the dirt Don't - Do not wash, polish or wax your car in the sun when the sun is hot. It could streak or stain the paint surface Do - For car covers use natural fabrics that breathe, like cotton. Make sure the car cover is secure Don't - Never use vinyl or plastic car covers in humid conditions. They trap moisture and could cause fungus. Do - Always use soft (normal) water to wash your car. Don't - Do not use hard water (which contains minerals). It will leave a film on paint surface. Do - Use car shampoos or polishes to wash your car. Don't - Never use laundry detergents or similar harsh soaps to wash your car. Harsh soaps will remove any protective wax plus the paints oil, which will dry out the paint and make it look fla