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Future Robots can be control by human brains

Scientists are one step closer to completing robotic arms that are controlled by the brain. A device that would allow paralyzed people to use their thoughts to move robotic limbs fluidly and realistically is now one step closer to reality. A team of scientists from Harvard, MIT and Massachusetts General Hospital led by Ziv Williams have found two groups of cells in one area of the monkey brain th at allow the animals to remember a sequence of two movements at once. The team was then able to program a computer to interpret those brain patterns, in turn moving a cursor on a screen in the planned sequence. The development is an improvement over current brain-machine interfaces, which focus on translating a single thought into a single movement in an external device.

Future of Robotics

The Future of Robotics Most robots look like other machines and only do one task. Friendly Robotics RL1000 “Rob motor” is a lawnmower that’ll cut your grass automatically. The cost is roughly $1800. In order to update the Rob mower, you have to plug it into the phone line, and it’ll automatically download software updates. These same robotics are being used in smart houses. Robotics will make everyday household living an extraordinary experience! Robotics Timeline 2006- Roomba Sales Top 2 million 2007- Sales of pool cleaning and window washing robots will increase. Honda’s Asimo will debut in USA. 2009- 4.5 million domestic robots will have been sold 2010- Personal robots sales will exceed $17 billion. Future for Robotics Robots still need to be revitalized before they are versatile and independent to help our society