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Why do we get fever?

Why do we get fever? Our body has an average temperature of 37 degrees Celsius when we are healthy. Disease causes the temperature to rise, and we call this higher temperature ‘fever’. While every disease does not cause fever, so many believe that fever is almost always a sign of illness. When we do have fever our temperature should be recorded at least twice a day, so that the doctor can observe a pattern: a fever chart for malaria for instance, goes up and down in a certain way; one for pneumonia another way. And so on. The curious thing is that we still do know what fever really is but we do know that it actually helps us fight off sickness. Fever makes the whole body work faster to produce more hormones. Enzymes and blood cells; to get blood cells to destroy germs better. In a fever our blood circulates faster, we breathe quicker, and we get rid of wastes and poisons in our system better. But the body cannot afford to have fever too often or too long. When fever for 24 hour