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satillate detects earth quakes from space

GOCE becomes first satellite to detect an earthquake from space... The European Space Agency’s Gravity Field and Steady-State Ocean Circulation Explorer (GOCE) satellite was launched on March 17, 2009, as the first of a series of Earth Explorer satellites. Its mission is to capture high-resolution gravity measurements and produce an accurate gravity map – or geoid – of Earth. To increase the resolution of its measurements, GOCE was put into an unusually low orbit, which has also helped it to become the first satellite to sense sound waves from an earthquake from space.

Hitting the earth in '2036'

Hitting the earth in ' 2036 ' Apophasis, a 1000 foots wide asteroid will pass earth on 13th April 2029, coming as close as some of our own scientists. It will be thrown off course by the earth’s gravity and, if we are very un lucky, it could swing back and hit us. It is almost certain that the asteroids which are close encounter with the earth will change its orbit. If it pass through a certain keyhole of the space only 600 meters wide, it will be deflected onto a path that will send it crashing onto the planet on its next pass on Sunday, April 13, 2036. Scientists have estimated that it has one chance in about 6,250 of hitting the earth. Such an impact would yield one of the greatest natural disasters occurring in the human life history. The impact would create a blast that the largest atomic or nuclear weapon which is thousand times much more powerful. This will kill millions of people if the impact occurred near a populated area or create a enormous Tsunami if the impac