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Current State of Global Warming

  In my perspective, the condition of the world environment has become a very high critical state which takes a longer period to get back its own position that needs a long continuous process he gets back into the original state of the earth nature for a better replacement. the consumption of fossil fuels [like coal, petroleum, natural gas, and others] is more while comparing to the utilization of the renewable resources is very less which is very minute. his make the environment become so critical and causing the linked effects to the humans and other living things on the earth are facing. Man is the one who is creating new things and developing nature in such a way that he is trying to reach the galaxies and but not finding the right solution to the problem that was placed near to him. The fossil fuels and the other different kinds of gases that are present inside the earth's environment is up to some extent and the extraction of the fuel is also limited to some quantities only.

New Year Celebration 2019 Wall Papers

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Since the turn of the 20th Century, the use of electricity has been a fundamental part of the various aspects that make up our daily lives. Without electricity, the Industrial Revolution would not have been possible, and the world we know today would be a much darker place. Almost all the energy we use comes from various fossil fuels, in particular, coal.  Coal power is one key electricity source that is responsible for generating vast quantities of reliable, inexpensive power to nations around the world. In recent years, coal has become increasingly important, especially as the supplies of natural gas and oil continue to diminish. In addition, the world's coal reserves are expected to last centuries. Due to these factors, coal-based power is used heavily around the world. Resource

world largest solar powered ship

PlanetSolar - The Largest Solar-Powered Vessel in the World Built at the Knierim Yacht Club in Kiel in northern Germany, PlanetSolar is a vessels powered by photovoltaic solar panels that cover about 500 square meters of the boat's surface, making the catamaran the biggest solar-powered vessel in the world. It is worth mentioning that the boat is 31m long and 15m wide and cost 18 million euros to make (about $24.4 million). The 60-ton PlanetSolar has an average speed of 8knots (9mph or 15km/h). The solar panels installed on the vessel will be able to collect 103.4kW of energy that will power the engine. It is expected to be launched waterside in March and the sea trials will take place between June and September. In 2011, Raphael Domjan, a 38 year old Swiss, together with Gerard d'Aboville from France, who is the first one to row the Atlantic Ocean, are going to take the solar-powered boat on a journey around the world. The goal is to show that it is possible

Nuclear Generators Power NASA Deep Space Probes (Infographic)

For more than 50 years, NASA’s robotic deep space probes have carried nuclear batteries provided by the U.S. Department of Energy. Even the crewed Apollo moon landings carried nuclear powered equipment. However, the United States’ supply of plutonium-238, which fuels these batteries, called  radioisotope thermoelectric generators  (RTGs), is running low. Experts worry that ambitious planetary science missions in the future may have to be put on hold until more of the radioactive substance is available. Mars Mission May Be Curtain Call for Plutonium-Powered Spacecraft Complete Coverage: NASA’s Huge New Rover Launching to Mars Our Solar System: A Photo Tour of the Planets

Nuclear Power Options

A recent thrust on Do the Math has been to sort our renewable energy options into “abundant,” “potent,” and “niche” boxes. This is a reflection of my own mathy introduction to the energy scene, the result of which convinced me that we face giant—and ultimately insurmountable—hurdles in our quest to continue a growth trajectory. It is not obvious that we will even manage to maintain today’s energy standards. We have many more sources/topics to cover before moving on to the “now what” phase of Do the Math. Meanwhile, requests for me to address the nuclear story are mounting. So before readers become mutinous, I should interrupt the renewable thread to present my nuclear reaction. It’s a rich topic, and in this post I will only give a tutorial introduction and my big-picture take. A single post can’t possibly address all the nuances, so my main goal here is to demystify what nuclear is all about, build a vocabulary, and set a foundation for further discussion in later posts. Nuclear Basi