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Most Common Headache

Tension Headaches: Causes: Since a tension headache is so common, the causes are pretty widespread. They're caused by anxiety, eye strain, caffeine, food, poor rest, bad posture, stress, hunger, or just about anything else you change in your daily schedule. Tension headaches are also usually the type of headache you end up with after a night of alcohol. Essentially, if something is abnormal about your day, whether it's a late lunch or a series of deadlines at work, a tension headache might pop up. Treatment: Tension headaches are usually best handled with over-the-counter painkillers like aspirin or ibuprofen before the pain gets severe. Those aren't cures, but they make the pain go away for a while. In general, your best bet is to rest and relax until the headache goes away. Even a hot pepper may provide some relief. If your headaches are common enough, your doctor may have other solutions. Otherwise, it's good to find your triggers, minimize them, and fight