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Core competencies for The 7 Habits

Core competencies for The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People Signature Program include :- Core Competencies  Habit 1 : Participants Will Learn to: Be Proactive® Take initiative, Manage change, Respond proactively, Keep commitments, Take responsibility and practice accountability, Create positive business results. Core Competencies  Habit 2 : Participants Will Learn to: Begin With the End in Mind® Define vision and values, Create a mission statement, Set measurable team and personal goals, Start projects successfully, Align goals to priorities, Focus on desired outcomes. Core Competencies  Habit 3 : Participants Will Learn to : Put First Things First® Execute strategy, Apply effective delegation skills, Focus on important activities, Apply effective planning and prioritization skills, Balance key priorities, Eliminate low priorities and time-wasters, Use planning tools effectively, Use effective time-management skills. Core Competencies  Habit 4 : Participants Wil