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NO TOOTHACHE From time immemorial, oral hygiene has always been an integral parts of body care. Although considered to be the hardest substance in the human body, the tooth is frequently associated with pain. One of the primary causes of dental pain is Dental Caries or tooth decay. The incidence of caries has greatly increased due to a change in dietary patterns like increase in surgery foods and carbonated drinks. Poor oral hygiene is seen as a contributing factor. Bacterial accumulation leads to acid production there b causing loss of tooth structure and pain. Another area of significance is the supporting gum tissue. A good tooth gum relationship ensures better health.  Factor such as smoking, poor oral hygiene, nutritional deficiencies and systemic factors cause the breakdown of the attachment. The bone and gum support reduces leading to tooth mobility and finally loss of the tooth. Toothache can be minimized greatly if certain guidelines are followed to ensure good oral hea