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Waste Water Management - Part - 02

The objective of water treatment Wastage of water is happening all across the world in different parts of the country. The objective of the water treatment is removal of unwanted materials in terms of both organic and inorganic that are present in the collection amount of sample. There are various methods in cleaning or purifying the liquid water which can reach to drinkable form for the living creatures living on earth. Characteristic of Wastewater Physical Temperature Color Smell Solids Chemical  BOD COD Nutrients Dissolved solids Biological Microbes Viruses Treatment Processes Standard setup of Sewage Water Treatment  The following are the standard steps to follow for treating waste water treatment. These kind of steps are mostly seen in the outskirts of the urban and rural areas.  Screening and Pumping Grit Removal Primary Settling Aeration/ Activated Sludge Secondary Settling Filtration Disinfection Oxygen uptake Sludge treatment Millions of water is being used and generated large