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Renewable occupy the fossil fuel place

We need to make the India  and all the other countries in such a way that the percentage of the power generation what we are generating by the fossils should be converted into the renewable energy resources. THE POWER GENERATED TO THE CONSUMERS OR TO INFRASTRUCTURE OF THE INDIAN OR ANY OTHER IS MOSTLY FROM THE GENERATION OF THE FOSSIL FUELS It is supplied to some of the common purposes that we actually know are as follows: If the power supply what you are getting from the power plant which are generated by the fossil fuels, 1. The power supplied to the street lights 2. Power to the houses or to the consumers 3. Supplied to the small scale industries like textile, auto-mobile, government offices I am trying to say that the government which are available to us should be generated the supply to the power of the or own and which is applicable to the common power consumer, so that the power absorbed from the grid will be reduced at the same time the load of the power generation

Ecological Conditions on Earth

Present conditions of the Eco-system that are made a vast changes of the earth's ecological system due the rough behavior of the human being of the earth which they are depending upon their various resources for the survival of the human life on earth by providing the water as a main source to the man and other living thing. As the time and decades go on the technology which is developed by the man is being upgraded into number of versions but the usage of the water is being deploying by the man with number of contaminants into the water resources with all kind of human wastes,industrial wastes,animal wastes an many more different kinds of pollution's that is effecting the earth in different directions by the man. Gradually the resistance and capabilities of the earth is getting reduces and the causing the natural calamities by the earth which is effecting the human and the other living organisms life. there are different kinds of pollution which of affected to