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Braking of Vehicle

Braking of Vehicle Figure 28.2 shows the vehicle moving down a gradient inclined at an angle, G, to the horizontal. Retardation takes place when brakes are applied. To bring the whole system in equilibrium the inertia force, which is also known as reverse effective force, is included with the system of forces actually existing. Fig. 28.2. Forces acting on a vehicle during braking while moving down on an inclined path.   Brakes may be applied (a) to the rear wheels only, (6) to the front wheels, and (c) to all the four wheels. All the three cases are discussed separately. (a) Brakes Applied to the Rear Wheels. Referring Fig. 28.2 let Fr be the braking force produced at the rear wheels. The limiting value of Fr is \lRr. The whole system is in equilibrium under the influence of coplanar forces. Therefore, 6) Brakes Applied to the Front Wheels. The Fig. 28.2 can be referred, but in this case Fr is replaced by Ff acting at the front wheels. The limiting value of Ff is n Rf- Therefore as be