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Essentials for an emergency

  Essentials for an emergency Carry these items in your vehicle in case of an emergency: Flares. Portable radio and spare batteries. Bottled drinking water. Energy food bars. Blanket. Flash Light and spare batteries. Reflective Triangles. First Aide Kit. Duct Tape. Tennis shoes and socks - in case you drive somewhere in high heels. Clean (void of gas or vapors) or new gas can. Tire in a Can - for repairing punctured tires. Spare change. Cellular phone - if you can afford one. Spare tire in good condition - check it every time you save your oil changed or tires rotated. Jack. Rag. Window scraper for cold climates. Gallon of water for hot climates. Insurance company information. Roadside Assistance Program information (CAA). Jumper cables. Tire pressure gauge. Bailing wire. Rubber mallet. Four-way screw driver. Pre-moistened towlettes. Paper and a pen or pencil. Owner's Manual.