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Japan Space Bridge - A New Scifi Revolution

Space bridge is one of the high technology and engineering based project that is going to start within a few years and the countries who are involved in this kind of project are America, Europe, Japan, Russia. But i am expecting INDIA into this project which will give a high reputation to the country all around the world. the deal that can be made with JAPAN will help in the more development and involvement of the more private companies into this Hi-tech project. Here the bridge is made with long run of carbon nano tubes ropes which is 10 times stronger than the steel with a having the dia of 5 centimeter diameter steel rope, As nanotechnology is having the high efficiency and capability to withstand high loads when compare to the normal steel ropes. The mass the rope will be less and it has the capability to hold its own weight. we have to the another side of the project is the cost of the project, its is very high and single country is not having the capability to do the pr

Great Indian Scientists

from the past history india country INDIA is called as THE GREAT INDIA because it is a great country. we can say because that the total number of the things that you can say about india is very less because is having more different kind of thinking people that are present in the country which has the capability to find for the innovative  Now currently india is not finding this kind of positive results from the country in INDIA because of the developing nation and most of the people are trying to move into the foreign countries as the technology and the availabilities are considered to be very less and no proper encouragement is present in the present youth and the people who are having more knowledge. So the indian market is getting down. after the change in the government in INDIA there are some of the changes may be this will help the indian citizens in a positive manner and make the things in different manner.this helps in creating more opportunities. But the ri


Ending worldwide speculation about the futuristic Agni-6 missile, the Defence R&D Organisation (DRDO) has briefed about the direction of India's ballistic missile development programme after the Agni-5 enters service, probably in 2015. DRDO chief Dr VK Saraswat, and missile programme chief Dr Avinash Chander, say the Agni-6 project has not been formally sanctioned. However, the missile's specific ations and capabilities have been decided and development is proceeding apace. Once the ongoing Agni-5 programme concludes flight-testing, the defence ministry (MoD) will formally okay the Agni-6 programme and allocate funding. Chander says the Agni-6 will carry a massive three-tonne warhead, thrice the weight of the one-tonne warhead that Agni missiles have carried so far. This will allow each Agni-6 missile to launch several nuclear warheads -Multiple Independently Targetable Re-entry Warheads (MIRVs) - with each warhead striking a different target. Each warhead - called Mane

Modern India

1765 AD:  Grant of Diwani of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa to the British. 1770 AD:  Famine in Bengal. 1774 AD:  Regulating Act passed by British Parliament. 1774-85 AD:  Warren Hastings—the first Governor- General of India. 1784 AD:  Pitt’s India Bill passed by British Parliament. 1793 AD:  Permanent settlement of land(land revenue system) in Bengal. 1799 AD:  Fourth Mysore War; Death of Tipu Sultan; Partition of Mysore; Ranjit Singh occupied Lahore and made it his capital. 1809 AD:  Treaty of Amritsar between Sikhs and British. 1818 AD:  The Fourth and the last Anglo-Maratha War. 1829 AD:  Prohibition of sati by Lord William Bentinck. 1833 AD:  Death of Raja Ram Mohan Roy—founder of Brahmo Samaj. 1835 AD:  Introduction of English as medium of instruction as recommended by Lord Macaulay. 1849 AD:  Annexation of the Punjab to the British territories (March 29). 1853 AD:  The first Indian railway line opened from Bombay to Thane; the first telegraph communicat