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Steering Systems

Steering Systems 27.6.1. Function and Linkage of a Steering System The function of a steering system is to convert the rotary movement of the steering wheel in driver's hand into the angular turn of the front wheels on road. Additionally, the steering system should provide mechanical advantage over front wheel steering knuckles, offering driver an easy turning of front wheels with minimum effort in any desired direction. The main causes of stiff steering include (i) insufficient lubrication of the king-pins or steering linkage, (it) tyre pressure too low, (Hi) wheels out of track, i.e. toe-in not correct, and (iv) stiffness in the steering column itself, caused by lack of lubricant or over tightening. The steering system is designed to enable the driver to control and continuously adjust the steered path of the vehicle. Also it provides a positive response to whatever direction the driver may makes on the steering wheel. Fig.27.42. Relationship of steer angle speed and vehicle spee