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  Actually cells are how many How many cells are there in our body and what is the size of it ? For an ordinary men the number of cell in his body will be 10,000 crores to 1,00,000 [ 1 lakh ] in our life time.The size of the single cell will be in Microns ( 1 cell = 10 microns ).The micron is also called as in thousand part in a centimeter or In meter it is one by ten lakhs part which is called as a Micron. While comming under the topic of weight of the it is ren lakhs part of one milli gram of the single cell weighs. ROBERT HOOK who is one of the biological scientists in the yaer 1665 he had found out the live cell with the help of a compound microscope. In the year 1839 SKEDN and SHAWAN are one of the two scienticts found out the primary danger will be with the cell which is declared by them.This is only called as the "STUDY OF CELLS" with this we can find out the life time of each cell wil be known and also the behaviour of it. The cell on the skin will be