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Self Repair Cars in the coming future

The Audi A9 Concept Car Repairs Itself, Changes Body Color!  This is the Audi A9 concept from the reputed Spanish designer Daniel Garcia who has the Ducati 6098 R concept and many others to his credit.  Daniel’s A9 concept is a low-emission hybrid vehicle for the future. A9 concept features a single-piece windscreen . Its roof is formed from nanotechnology material, with  a unique automatic system that repairs damage and can also be adjusted for colors and opacity. Lamborghini car manufacturing makes supercars and has collaborated with top universities like MIT doing research on self-healing properties for the metals. this research has been going on since 201 6-17 and developed a four-wheel drive electric called "Terzo Millennio" . Note: the article will continue further, still more study is taking place . . .