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Five things you (possibly) didn’t know about Mario

Nintendo’s iconic mascot Mario has sold over 240 million video games, been heralded as gaming’s most recognizable face, holds seven world records -- and he’s passing another huge milestone this week. According to Nintendo themselves -- and they ought to know -- the game that put Mario on the map turns 25 this week. Released on September 13, 1985, NES great Super Mario Bros. would quickly become the top-selling video game of all time, a title it would hold right up until last year when it was passed by Wii Sports. Since then, he’s appeared in hundreds of games, enjoyed careers as a doctor, an archaeologist, a racing driver, and a golfer, and helped establish the Nintendo name as almost synonymous with video games themselves. So what’s next for this gaming superstar? Retro-styled 2009 blockbuster New Super Mario Bros. Wii continues to sell well, landing at 6th place on the U.S. charts last month. Given Nintendo just trademarked a new Mario logo in Japan bearing the legend “Super Mar

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Largest Solar Powered Creations of The World

Recently, the world’s largest solar-powered office building was unveiled in Dezhou, Shangdong Province in northwest China. The 75,000-square-meter office building bears a resemblance to an ancient sun dial and reminds visitors of the importance of renewable energy. Today, we have for you the world’s largest solar powered creations that amaze us with their size and purpose they’re built for. Hit the jump to see them all. World’s largest solar-powered office building The world’s largest solar-powered building has been unveiled in Dezhou, Shangdong Province in northwest China. The 75,000-square-meter office building is based on the sun dial structure and marks the urgency of seeking renewable energy to replace polluting fossil fuels. The building provides space for exhibition centers, scientific research facilities, meeting and training facilities and a sustainable hotel. Dubbed the Sun and the Moon Altar micro-row buildings, the architecture features the Chinese characters for sun

Eco-Friendly Car WITH Alternative Fuels

Paul Hanna  is the author of this futuristic vehicle called Energo Racer . The designer was highly inspired by nature and namely marine creatures. He created the shape of the vehicle after studying the  bodies of marine animals  and analyzing these animals move their bodies to swim faster. The vehicle can be built in a way so it would be powered by  several alternative fuels and power sources . For example, it can run on  hydrogen  or be powered by solar energy .

Parking System Uses Solar Power to Charge Electric Vehicles

This futuristic parking system was designed by  Jin Yuanbiao, Gang Tang  and  Su Sha  especially for the all-electric vehicle dubbed Solar Coco. Both the car and the parking system boast nice design and eco-friendly features. The round-shaped vehicle has solar panels  mounted on the roof. When parked, the car is lifted by the system up and exposed to direct sunlight. After being lifted, Solar Coco exposes its solar panels to the sun and the whole structure starts resembling sunflower.

How Does a Thermal Power Plant Function?

The thermal power plant is a setup for extracting the hidden calorific heat inside the black diamond to be used for setting the electrons in motion i.e. electric current. Read on to find out about his interesting journey of power conversion. Introduction Having learnt about the basic plant layout and site selection of a power plant it is now time to take a look at the overall functioning of the power plant. I suggest that if you haven’t read the first part of this series regarding general layout of a thermal power plant, you take a look at it, especially the accompanying diagram since I am not going to repeat the same diagram here but will explain based on previous article. The Functioning of the Plant The four circuits of the thermal power plant make a complete picture when put together helping to generate electricity out of fuels such as coal which is the most widely used fuel. The calorific value of coals depends on the quality of the coal and the place from where it is mine


Governor The governor is a safety device in most modern cars. It regulates the car's speed by mechanically preventing the car from going over a certain speed. So, though a car may be mechanically capable of going 180 miles per hour, the governor can be set to limit its speed to 120 miles per hour. Once a diesel engine is running, the engine speed is monitored and controlled through a governor.  The governor ensures that the engine speed stays high enough to idle at the right speed and that the engine speed will not rise too high when full power is demanded.  The governor is a simple mechanical device which first appeared on steam engines.  It operates on a diesel engine as shown in the diagram below. The governor consists of a rotating shaft, which is driven by the diesel engine.  A pair of flyweights are linked to the shaft and they rotate as it rotates.  The centrifugal force caused by the rotation causes the weights to be thrown outwards as the speed of the shaft rises.  If the

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                               *2. GOING GREEN* A medley of gases that spew from automobiles pollute our atmosphere, and are fast making the environment a place unfit for living. A combination of unburnt Hydrocarbons, Carbon Monoxide, Oxides of Nitrogen combine to spread an obnoxious mixture. When in excess quantity, these tend to cause automobile pollution. Within a certain range they are acceptable, but when the engine is not tuned properly, or a vehicle uses obsolete technology, or the quality of fuel is not good, all these result in a higher level of emission of all the gases.                                                                                         It's a long, dusty road ahead. Pollution has cast its ominous shadow across the length and breadth of India; there is smog everywhere. It is a choking sensation every time one ventures out into the streets. Delhi is one of the most polluted cities of the world, with Mumbai coming a close second. As part of our efforts